Shorty was born in New Orleans in 1923, just in time for the great depression. His family was very poor, so poor that when his pet dog killed a chicken, he had to get rid of the dog. When the loss of a single chicken takes food off the table, the pet has to go.
As the oldest of seven, he learned early to work hard and how to take care of his siblings. He grew into the kindest, strongest, most gentle man I ever met.
His nickname came from an accident he had when he was twelve years old, he hurt his back, and never grew again.
Shorty came to live with my family long before I was born (And I’m old!) and while I had a father and a stepfather of my own, Shorty was my Dad.
He taught me about hard work, kindness and courage, so we decided to name this store after him. He’s been gone many years now so he’s not running the store, but we hope that we can deliver a fraction of the service and quality that we know that he would have.
It’s our goal to deliver good old fashioned personal service, so sit back, kick off you shoes, grab a drink, and visit with us for a while!